vscode-background 背景插件

vscode-background 背景插件

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这是 vscode 编辑器的一个 background 背景插件,用于修改 vscode 编辑器的背景。

封面是网友送的,可爱死了 >_<#@!

Add a lovely background-image to your vscode.

GitHub: https://github.com/shalldie/vscode-background

Vscode Market: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=shalldie.background

It looks like:

Warns 警告:

本插件是通过修改 vscode 的 css 文件的方式运行
所以会在初次安装,或者 vscode 升级的时候,出现以下提示,请选择 【不再提示】:

This extension works by editting the vscode's css file.
So, a information appears while the first time to install or vscode update.U can click the [never show again] to avoid it.

This is the reason:

Config 配置项

Name Type Description
background.enabled Boolean 插件是否启用
If background enabled.
background.useDefault Boolean 是否使用默认图片
If use default images.
background.customImages Array<String> 自定义图片,最多 3 个
Your Your custom Images(Max length is 3)
background.style Object 自定义样式
Custom style
background.styles Array<Object> 每个图片的独立样式
Style of each image.
background.useFront Boolean 前景图/背景图。 在代码上面还是下面
true:On the top of code. false: Behind the code
background.loop Boolean 循环模式,会重复显示图片
loop mode, may repeat your images

Notice 提示

http 协议的外链图片在当前版本不能使用(vscode 限制),需要用 https 协议开头的外链地址。

You should use protocol https instead of http to the image,which is not support by vscode now.

Uninstall 卸载

Set the config  {"background.enabled": false}  in settings.json,then uninstall the plugin.
在 settings.json 中设置 {"background.enabled": false} ,然后再删除插件。如果直接删除插件会有遗留,就需要重装vscode了。

Q&A 常见问题:

Q:How to remove [unsupported] tag?
A:see here: https://github.com/lehni/vscode-fix-checksums

Q:It seems that nothing happens after installing the extension?

A:Make sure to have the administrator authority!!

Q:How to get the administrator authority?
Q:怎么获取管理员权限呢? =。=

A:In windows,click right button on the vscode's icon,then check the [run with the administrator authority].

In ubuntu:https://github.com/shalldie/vscode-background/issues/6.

Press F1,and you can get it by enter ext install background in your vscode. (~ ̄ ▽  ̄)~

你可以在 vscode 中,按下 F1,然后输入 ext install background 来下载她 (~ ̄ ▽  ̄)~


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